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Newsletter for video creators

If you are a creator, you need to be on this email list. We will be sending you distilled info from the web, tips for Spotlight, tutorials worth watching etc. Only the best stuff gets here.

New Items, Collections and Learn

A lot of new content is coming to Spotlight - more curated items for specific video production usecases and more specific stylistic options.

Referral Program

Invite your friends and colleagues to join Spotlight and earn free subscriptions with this new referral program.


You'll be able to search for items/collections/let's create within Spotlight, making it easier to find what you need without having to scroll through everything.


Bring your own .aeps

You will be able to link your own folders and have them seamlessly integrated into Spotlight.

More Widgets

We will soon be releasing a range of workflow widgets, including move anchor point, offset layers, easy copy, wiggle, etc. We understand how difficult it can be to accomplish even simple tasks in Adobe After Effects, and our goal is to provide you with everything you need for faster editing.

Custom Fonts

We are exploring ways to get custom fonts adjustments into our Customisation panel. Currently limited by After Effects API.


Backup snapshots

Before we jump to full cloud sync, we need to bring local backups to Spotlight that will take care of backing up your entire workspace (collections, items, likes, settings, etc...) and saving it locally on your drive.

Client Projects

Create a new project within Spotlight to keep your client's work organized. Add Spotlight items, custom folders, briefs and more.

Team Collaboration

You and your team will be able to share Spotlight items, custom collections, settings presets and pretty much anything you might want to share with your colleagues.

Team Plans

You'll be able to purchase multiple subscriptions for your team and manage them from your admin account.

Premiere Pro - Full Support

Spotlight will be compatible with Premiere Pro. All our items and most of the UI is already compatible, we just need to polish out large chunks of backend code to make it as smooth as it is in After Effects.

Epic Music Tracks

Spotlight will soon have a full library of bespoke music tracks (including stems) recorded specifically for popular genres. Think more in line with Netflix suspense documentary rather than corporate jingles.


We have commissioned professional sound designers to create bespoke series of sound effects for Spotlight. Expect some really cool stuff you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.


We are exploring the best way of integrating apps into Spotlight (e.g. allowing detachable apps installed and verified by Spotlight). We will be starting with stock image/gif/video search and expand to more niche topics as we go along.


Spotlight FX Tips

Learn Spotlight FX with quick tips and improve your workflow using various techniques. You can find these quick tips under the "Learn" section.

New Learn Section

Master a variety of video styles and effects with tutorials and 1:1 matching assets from the videos. It's like learning, but much easier!

New Comp Presets

Quickly create new comps for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more, including UI guide layers to show how your video appears when published on these popular platforms.

New Discord server

Join us on Discord where you can chat with other Spotlight users and talk to the the team. Go to to get started.

Cross Device Sync

Your items, collections, settings, and apps will be synced across all your devices, so you can easily switch between multiple computers without losing anything.

Liked section improvements

A few changes and fixes to your likes section where you can now switch between items, collections and let's create.

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